Why do Import and Export companies need to Forwarder?

Published: 14/05/20
Forwarding services have long been not new to import-export businesses in Vietnam but have never been less diverting because of the benefits that this type of service brings.
Tại sao các công ty xuất nhập khẩu cần Forwarder?
Not only small and medium enterprises often export or import retail goods (LCL), but also large enterprises such as Samsung, DIESEL, Brother, WFI AB… also cooperate with forwarders to serve their logistics segment.

The use of forwarding services is indispensable for small businesses because they can not book directly with shipping lines that have to go through the forwarding agents specializing in consolidating goods (Consolidator).What about big businesses and multinational corporations? Why do these businesses with huge amounts of hundreds of containers per month still prefer to go to professional freight forwarders instead of working directly with shipping lines?

1. Cost savings
The first benefit to mention when businesses choose to look to forwarding service is to reduce investment costs and lower rates because businesses do not have to invest costs for hiring staffs to handle reservations with the shipping lines. In addition, forwarders are those who have a good relationship with shipping lines, they have a large and regular volume of freight, so the rates they get will be much better than the rates that businesses directly take from shipping lines. Meanwhile, customers with small, odd quantities are not easily accessible and bargain with shipping lines, and therefore, they seek intermediaries as forwarders to meet transportation needs and minimize expenses.

2. Minimize the risks
The use of freight forwarding services from forwarders also helps businesses improve customer service quality and minimize risks in the process of transporting. Forwarders have a team of highly specialized and well-equipped staff, as well as the tight business relationships to ensure the transport process takes place smoothly and quickly.

3. Save time
Looking to forwarders also helps small and medium enterprises save time and effort in freight forwarding. Enterprises will not have to worry too much about complicated procedures as well as risks occurring during the process of handling goods. However, if you decide to choose a forwarder, you should also choose the professional and reputable forwarder in the industry to ensure your shipment will reach the customer smoothly and do not incur any additional charges.

We are one of the fastest growing freight forwarder and logistics solution provide because we always give our full experience to all our partners and do our best to keep the communication and the cargo moving. Our mission is to provide flexible and reliable services to our customers.

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